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How to Reduce Monthly Mortgage Payments

You have put down money for your mortgage loan, you moved in, you made some repairs, and you finally feel like you have your own place to live, your kids will have a home to come to, and your future seems as bright as ever.

But after a few years of paying off your mortgage every month, you might start thinking like this puts a strain on you. Your natural desire is to lower your mortgage payment and keep more money in the bank. And the good news, it is possible, and there are several ways that you can do it.

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Ways to Lower Your Home Loan Payment

There are several ways to reduce your mortgage payment. Each situation is different, so you need to choose what you want to do depending on your circumstances.

If you need any consultation about how to lower your mortgage payment in Los Angeles or anywhere else in California, we will gladly assist you.

Reduce Your Mortgage Payment with Refinancing

Refinance Your House Loan

The first and the most obvious way to pay less for your house is refinancing. This is the most permanent solution. Refinancing is changing your current loan to the one with more attractive terms that will be more beneficial. If you decide to go for refinancing your mortgage, it is recommended to have a high credit score and about 20% equity.

A factor to consider when refinancing is if you want to lower your payment by lengthening the life of your loan. Think about the fact that you will stay in debt much longer and will pay more in interest.

Extend Your Repayment Term

This is the most straightforward way to reduce your mortgage payment. If you extend the term of your house loan, then you will need to pay less every month. This option is the best for those who need an immediate solution for their mortgage situation.

Get Rid of Your Private Mortgage Insurance

While your private mortgage insurance will eventually be canceled automatically, there is a way that you can get rid of it faster. Your PMI protects the lender against the risk that you will stop paying for your mortgage.

You can request an earlier cancellation when your mortgage balance reaches 80% of the original value of your property. For this, you need to have a good payment history, when you make your payments without delay. You also shouldn’t have any other debts, such as home equity loans or second home mortgages. You can also boost your home’s value with home improvements.

Home Loan Refinancing Process

4 Easy Steps to Lower Your Mortgage Payments

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Get a Loan Approval on the Terms You Want

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Your Goal Achieved!

Apply for a Home Loan Refinancing Program

If you reduce your interest rate by only 1%, it will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the years. Besides, you will be paying less interest every month. If you consistently make your current payments on time, this improves your chance to receive a refinancing.

Refinancing is also a good idea for those who want to shorten the life of their loans. Ideally, you want to be free from mortgages by the time you retire.


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